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a christmas story, a little princess, angels, anything disney, anything mel brooks, anything not stupid, ash, astrology, astromomy, back to the future, band (guh), bands, bare naked ladies, bass, billy idol, black sabbath, blazing saddles, blue oyster cult, bob dylan, care bears, cats, christmas, coffee, cream, creatures, david bowie, deep purple, derek and the dominoes, electric light orchestra, ensemble, epics, eric clapton, eternal sunshine ofthespotless mind, faeries, fairly odd parents, figure it out, filming, flash animation, flogging molly, food, foreign crap, foreign films, gamecube, genesis, germany, glory, going to eckerd, good eats, guy shirts, hair dyeing, halloween, hello kitty, hey arnold, high anxiety, indiana jones, internetz, ireland, jefferson airplane, jim carrey, jimi hendrix, john williams, kate winslet, labyrinth, law, legends ofthe hidden temple, les choristes, lost in translation, lotr, love, mad tv, men in tights, mind of mencia, monty python, movies, music, musicals, mythology, nature, nighttime, nirvana, nyc, other crap, pac, painting, pants, parodies, philosophy, pictures, pirates of the caribean, planets, politics, queen, rem, renaissance, revolutionary girl utena, robot chicken, rocky horror picture show, roses, rush, sex pistols, shakespeare, silence of the lambs, singing, sleeping, some aerosmith, south park, south side, space balls, spongebob, spongebob!!!! family guy, star wars, stars, styx, tea, tetris, the arts, the birdcage, the chorus, the chronicles of narnia, the doors, the moon, the postal service, the prestige, the princess bride, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the who, thomas the tank engine, tommy boy, trans-siberian orchestra, unwrapped, vincent price, vintage, voice lessons, wayne's world, weird al yankovic, wevl, white oleander, willy wonka, wow, yellow submarine, yes, yo la tengo, young frankenstein